Burro Schmidt Tunnel
January 3rd 2009

Here are some pics, Click on image for the full size picture.

This is a map of the Red Rock Canyon State Park

Burro Schmidt Tunnel can be located on this map in the far right of the page

There are a few ways to reach Burro Schmidt tunnel. It can be reached from State Highway 14
or if you have a robust 4X4 you can get there from Red Rock Randsberg Road.

Stop at the Jawbone Ranger Station to get current maps and directions.

Take this road around 8 - 10 miles, depending on your route.

Pass this rock

Hang a left here

Start looking for a sign

Pick Up some desert chicks

Pass this Tree

This is Burro Schmidts Shack

The Back

Another View

Looking in the Window

Linda at the enterance of the tunnel

Linda and Deb

Linda and Deb

Coming out of the other side

The Salt lake from the other side other the tunnel

Linda and Deb

Linda and Don


Some pictures of Randsberg

Stamp Mill

In Town


Hangin Out

Garlock Cemetary



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